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This article was written for 2008 Greystones, the yearbook at Haverford High School. I was in 11th Grade.

Technology further took over Haverford High School in 2007-2008! Students looked up their grades on PowerSchool, which many could hardly believe was in its first full year. Students also scheduled their classes for next year online. Classrooms of the Future brought half a million dollars of laptops and training.

Facebook Logo

Many students spent hours of time watching videos on YouTube, messaging their friends on Facebook, or challenging their friends to a game of JetMan. In February 2008, over 1,600 students and alumni were on Facebook.

SeniorQuoter Logo
SeniorQuoter Group Study
SeniorQuoter 2.0beta1 Colors Page

Seniors also submitted their senior quotes on SeniorQuoter, a web application written by junior Michael Plasmeier. Michael is known around school for his computer skills and his website Seniors enjoyed having more time to compose their quotes. (replace with an actual quote if possible)

Michael Plasmeier also led a group study in PHP with senior Gary Hunt, junior Michael Gdovin, and sophomores Shawn Ard and Sean Maguire. During the first half of the second quarter the group learned PHP and other tools for building dynamic websites (like Facebook and YouTube). Afterwards they built the administration interface for SeniorQuoter. SeniorQuoter was released online for any school to freely use. Michael Gdovin said, "It was a lot of hard work, but it was very rewarding knowing that we are developing software that can help schools all around the world."

Tecker 911

Michael Plasmeier, and Michael Gdovin along with junior Jordan Berman and freshman Reed teach the school about technology on Tecker 911, a show about technology on Channel 11 and Each topic covers a different issue about technology and how it affects students and the school community. Along the way they learn about video production and hosting strategies.