The Power of One - Response 5 - Chap 18-20 - Crystal Cave


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English 10 The Power of One – Response 5 - Chap 18-20 – Crystal Cave

Revised because I totally missed the focus. It's not suppose to be about Doc at all

As soon as Doc enters the crystal cave which he and Peekay jointly discover, Doc immediately achieves a connection to it. Therefore, the cave must symbolize something special to Doc. He may think that the cave is a symbol of the mystical connection the natives had with their continent. He may also feel that its discovery by Europeans may violate it, and make it impure. Since Doc has a special connection to the crystal cave, the cave must symbolize Africa, its history, and its people.

Doc may have felt as if the cave in someway symbolized Africa’s past, its present and its future. The cave as it was now, undiscovered by humans, represents the last pure and clean spot on the continent of Africa. Other parts of Africa, after being discovered by Europeans, were exploited for money and made impure by racism. Doc may believe that this fate would happen upon the cave if Peekay told anyone else about it. After the Europeans arrived and discovered the wealth of Africa, they enslaved the people and in Doc’s view, ruined the continent. Doc does not want this to happen to the cave. In addition, the cave must have also had a mystical spirit to Doc, like the native African tribes. They practiced strange rituals and has mystical connections with the Earth. Doc may have thought the cave symbolized this special. Doc also must have thought that the cave was an interesting geographical feature of Africa. Africa held surprises at every turn, because it was a large continent covering many different latitudes.

Doc must have had a symbolic connection to the crystal cave because it symbolized, in his eyes, Africa, its history and its people.

  • Told connection through the eyes of Doc