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The Weekly Spin ( is an audio podcast I contribute to. We discuss the weeks top stories in depth. We give a summary of the story and then we discuss the story's implications to the world of technology. I rant a lot. It was started December 10, 2008. I started on the second episode.

Michael Gdovin frequently shares Apple rumors. Michael Plasmeier frequently complains about "big copyright" DRM obsession and cell phone companies' unfriendly terms. As of episode 36, he has been obsessed with the "no computer needed" aspect of consumer electronics of the future which the Amazon Kindle and the Palm Pre represent. On the other hand, he has recently become concerned with big companies being able to turn you off without any judicial oversight. As of episode 40, he talks a lot of the FCC's policies, and since starting at MIT sees how hard it is to actually make good policy. (episode 50)

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