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Theater News Article for Intro to Theater class written 3/27/2006 with Michael Plasmeier, Michael G., Gabby, and Grace.


  • Who- 2 Robbers, a teller, the Police
  • What- Bank Robbery
  • When- 7AM Yesteday Morning
  • Where- New York City Central Bank
  • Why- Were poor and wanted the money and thrill
  • How- Answered in article


NEW YORK, NY - Yesterday morning 2 robbers, one smart and one stupid, made it away from New York City Central bank with over 1 million dollars in cash. The robbers were argueing amoung themselves the entire time, but still managed to twart the bank's security measueres. The teller was not able to stop the bank robbers. The police did not arrive in time.

The robbers are suspected to have stolen and gotton away in a van from Clowns R' Us. Anyone who sees a rainbow collered van with a big, colorful clown head on it, should call police immeditaly. The robbers should not be apporched; they are considered armed and stupid. No one can preidct what they might do. They seem to defy logical and usuall bank robber behavior.