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Tiberius Journal for Latin 2 10/11/2005

What I Learned

Tiberius was a weird emperor, I learned. He was out in the field commanding armies and he shunned public life. He had to divorce his wife in order for Augustus to marry her. He liked her a lot, but marriage in those days was more for political purposes. He was forced instead to marry Julia, whom he did not like. Before he became emperor, he went into early retirement after leading many battles in the army. Augustus did not want to make Tiberius emperor, but he had no choice, I learned. After hi9s adoption, he was back leading the army into Germany. He was interrupted from this task to become emperor.

While the senate was choosing what honors to give him, he seemed reluctant to become emperor. Still there was no choice. Although, there was still Agrippa Postumus who was imprisoned far away, but still faced a threat to Tiberius. He was dealt with silently.

Sejanus was the commander of the Praetorian Guard, who held much power. He was the only one who could grant people an appointment to see the emperor. He also imprisoned much of Tiberius’s family. However, Tiberius’s advisors told Tiberius to get rid of Sejanus. Rome did get rid of him and his supporters with great ferocity.

Tiberius did not like the social functions and gifts that came with being emperor. Also he was kind a lazy and laid-back with his control of the empire. He was not proactive in its rule.

He let his provincial governors run for awhile, but when they made a mistake, he got angry. Also the Senate would not do what he wanted it to do. This made him angry.

Personal Response

Tiberius was an ancient Michael Jackson in his old age. He became famous and then he retreated to private and secluded special place. At this place he had many boys ready to do whatever he wanted. He had a fascination with young boys is very much alike to like Michael Jackson.

He was also a regular stiff-wig that most Romans did not like. For the second part of his rule, he sat in his villa being entertained and watching people being thrown off cliffs. He did not seem like a nice friendly person who people would like or get along with easily. In saying that, the people of Rome did not like him. The senate thought he was too stiff and he angered them. At his funeral, people were happy that he was gone. He was not well liked by the people.

I was surprised he did not live in Rome to control the empire. I believe he felt safer on his island, where no one could approach by land, so he could witness all ships coming in. This was a smart way to protect himself. Still, he was out of the loop in Rome. This way is still going on today. More and more people are working from home now. I guess the idea is still popular.