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I'm Michael Plasmeier otherwise known as The Plaz. See where my nickname is from; Self-Branding I am halfway my sophomore year at Haverford High School Haverford Crest small.jpg. See my 10th Grade Schedule. School is a big part of my life, not only because I go there every weekday, but because I try my hardest to go above and beyond and anyone who has the same teachers I do, knows that they always talk about my achievements. I am currently planning out next year including a Dynamic Website Building Instruction and Practical Experience Group Study project for a quarter. It should be a ton of fun, and I will get to share some of my favorite interests with others. See my High School Long Term Plan. All of my work from 1st semester is up online. Feel free to look around. See my Notes Key to help decipher my notes...sorry, my handwriting isn't the best. But if you can read it, it comes in handy if you don't feel like doing your homework.

I am also very interested in technology Nuvola apps kcmprocessor.png. I co-founded and am the director of technology for Tecker, [1] a social question and answer service. Tecker Logo.png I host and produce the video netcast Tecker 911 [2] along with some of my friends. Which, by the way are really insightful and appear daily on Channel 11 on the Havertown cable network. Tecker 911 Logo.png I also founded Conflicter, [3] a place for frank discussion about current issues. Conflicter Logo.png Next, I am the founder and primary contributer to SeniorQuoter, [4] an open-source web application for senior quotes collections for high school yearbooks. SeniorQuoter.png Before, was a mid-level contributor on Wikipedia Wikipedia-logo.png. I also made some improvements for MediaWiki, the software that runs and Wikipedia. The drop down menu in the site notice is one of the best.

I have some Personal Philosophies including that Stereotypes are Based in Facts, English should be the primary world language and that Privacy is Dead. For English 10, I wrote about The Essential Separation Between Church and State. In English 9, I wrote about the dangers of Hazing. See also my Site Mission Statement.

So welcome to my site, feel free to look around. And it's a wiki, so feel free to hit "edit" on the top of nearly every page if you have something important to add. If it's nonsense, I will just remove it. I usually try to stay away from anything funny or obnoxious.

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