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Your Comments Have Been Removed

Stop hand.png
Thanks for your comments you made on the PlazWiki. However, you have not followed proper edict for commenting on Therefore your comments have been reverted and removed. If a comment is about a particular page, use it's talk page to comment on it. Just add "Talk:" in front of the page's title in the URL. If you have a comment for me or about my site in general, please leave it on my talk page. Likewise, if you have a comment for another use, leave it on their talk page. Put "User_talk:<Username>" in the search box on the left.

Wherever you are leaving comments, create a new section by starting with "==<Title>==" and ending with "--~~~~" to sign your name. Comments that do not follow these practices will be considered vandalism and be removed. Thanks.

--Plaz 17:11, 20 September 2006 (EDT)