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Nuvola apps important.png Only a DRAFT!

May change/be updated - still in progress - may still contain inaccuracies

In Business

See Social Issue-Technological Solution: Wikis

Personal Website

Wikis are a great choice for your personal website. Even if other people don't often make changes (like on my website), wiki's flexible format allows you to easily make changes without special software. Want to add a page? Type in the name, hit "Go", click on "create this page", and start typing! It's really easy to organically grow because all you have to do is start typing. I can add info whenever inspiration hits. Plus I have many pages which I have started writing that I come back to and expand every year. I can click "history" to see how the page changed over time. Over the years I have built up hundreds of pages. Plus if I am not done a page I can just type {{Draft}} and MediaWiki, my wiki program will add a message that this is a draft and will place it in a category I can search later. Thus I can always add more info to a page or start an article when I don't have time to finish it.

  • Just build on things
  • Always accumulates
  • Easy to link stuff together
  • The more links you have the more usefull and connected and full it feels