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World Cultures World Cultures Comparison Project 2nd Brainstorm - when we decide on Globalization and what our presentation will be like



The Export of Artificial Wants

  • ??or too focused
  • or too crazy
  • What does that mean?
    • it may be clever but if I can't figure it out or Greg can't figure it out, then we shouldn't use it. - Groff
      • That's the point. (Well it was more of joke, if you don't want to use it) --Plaz 20:47, 7 December 2006 (EST)


  • pos:
    • better standards of living
    • more equitable distribution of wealth
    • ending harsh global customs
      • shria law
      • etc.
    • outsourcing makes jobs
    • good in long term
  • neg:
    • putting too much on them?
    • bad diet?
      • China
    • exporting artifical wants
    • plundering and profits
    • ?talk about imperialism??
      • India
      • ?or only focus on present?


  • debate, it seems would work best
    • Is Globalization ultimately good or bad?
    • each person gets topic
    • that way they research that 1 topic
    • they write a page (or so) about that topic
      • Plaz or some one glues it all together
    • then they are experts in that for debate
    • this has advantage because it compartmentalizes the work, so it can be easily split up
  • video????
    • what would it be of though????
    • the video could express the different relationships between the different cultures. Things would be represented in metaphors of course. Us as actors would represent different countries and with a clever script, this would be rather effective. This is good because it would reduce public speaking which Greg has had an unfortunate past with and seems to grasp the interest of students based on my past experiences in English with my Apartheid movie and Math with my Orchard Hideout Video. -- Groff

Dave, you still have my Mughal empire notes. I need them back on monday before cobb comes into the room, so i have at least like 2 minutes to study them.- Greg

May I recommend my notes: Page 58 - Indian Ancient Civilization Notes Instructions, Page 2 - Maurya Empire and Small Kingdoms, Page 3 - Gupta Empire and Muslim Empire, Page 4 - Mughal Empire--Plaz 20:45, 10 December 2006 (EST)


  • Latin America (req.)
  • Japan (food)
  • India (?imperialism)
  • Middle East (sharia)
  • ???



Globalization: Good or Bad, is a good idea and we could use a video, but if we have a video, than we should definitely have a debate too. Don't worry Dave, that was just a fluke public speaking experience, i did fine with ms. jackson's 40 minute presentation (heck, got the best grade of my group). Besides this is only 20 minutes, so i'll be good. But yeah, we could each pick a country/region or topic involving globalization, research it, become experts, and make a heated debate using the information we gathered. We could each have pros and cons; or 2 of us could do pros, and 2 do cons if we're doing globalization as a whole. - Greg

We could first explain our research, show a video (if we want), and then have the debate, that should take up 20 minutes. But we still have plenty of time, so let's not worry too much about not getting the Comparisons project done. -Greg

Oh yeah, the newspaper idea is EXCELLENT. Let's use the newspaper as a creative handout, explaining our information. We could each write an editorial, that simply summarizes our research, and slip an opinion in the article if we want to. But we'll have to decide what our front page should look like, and make sure it covers all aspects of our project. Maybe a before/after map of globalization's effect on different cultures and regions. It'll be creative, I highly doubt anyone else would do it, and cobb would like the newspaper too.- Greg (long, but more to come as we get into the project!)

I actually think it might be good to end with the video for two reasons

  1. It has a determinable amount of time which can be used to meet a time requirement and end with an ending to a movie that won't be something just like: "...and that was our presentation". Instead we would have a good ending that concluded the presentation efficiently.
  2. If the movie is good (assuming that it is good) we can end the presentation with a bang. Public speaking ettiquette clearly states that the most important elements of a presenation are the beginning and end. If the video is good then it should end the presentation so that no matter what Greg can think of to ruin the project public speaking wise. The ending will be good.

P.S. I am not serious Greg. However, your past is. -Groff

Yeh I know, my past was bad Dave, but trust me, I'm over that. but right, if the video is GOOD, we could end the presentation on a strong note. It would be better than, "that's our presentation," but we still need to make it clear to the audience/cobb that the video is our end, like "and now we'll conclude with a video," or something like that.- Greg
I agree ending with a video on a strong note is good. However, should we do all 3 things (debate, video, newspaper) and the required paper?? That would seem like too much. If you read the directions they don't mention class handouts; only paper (standard) and oral presentation/video. Thus it can be half/half with video and debate. But what does the video show? Some ideas:
  • act out changes before/after
    • requires acting
  • news show talking about new fast food place opening
  • protest WTO meetings
  • collection of news clips
  • what else???

I can script video off of youtube and possibly google video put preferably youtube if you tell me the url for it and then be able to edit it when necessary. I am content with no newspaper because I guess we don't need a handout and it would cost about $150 to print it on real tabloid newspaper (to print it on gloss, it would be $25-$50 + ink). The script will have to be a united effort. Greg, you don't say what you last said about "now we'll conclude with a video" because that it is a little knick that doesn't need to be discussed in the preliminary stage. Greg, I understand that your problem has gone away, but the past really never leaves. -Groff

I can convert YouTube and Google Videos too. That would be easier (and more professional) if we mix together already done videos. Also, someone could use it as part of their argument in the debate. As for scripting the debate - that is more work and may lead to a duller debate. On the other hand, if people aren't experts in what they are arguing, it will fall apart fast. Maybe just a list of qu and outlines of view and then go from their. Or practice a few times and then just use that experience (plus an outline) to go. Word for word reading can suck the excitement out of it. Plaz 16:38, 8 December 2006 (EST)

Plaz, you read into things much too much. I was talking about the script for the movie, not the debate. About the youtube/google video I meant download so you could import into an editing tool like Movie Maker or your aspirational Premiere, ha ha (saw the unboxing video). If you want to invest a lot of money into this, I would go with the Adobe Video Production Suite that I use at my cousin's studio that has Adobe After Effects, Premiere, DVD Encore, Photoshop, Flash and more (see The whole idea about having the video just use professional clips is that that tends to be boring unless you have a back-story to fall onto. If you ever watch CNN, channel 50, they use a lot of media from other stations but only use it to supplement their own show, not create it. This is the point where you are either making things look profesional or you are making them look like an average kid did. Mr. Cobb would want something that shows what we learned in a better design and what-not. Gotta go study for India. See ya. -Groff

Sure Groff, I would be glad to use the Video Bundle (if you would give me the $2,099 it costs). I agree that using clips is boring. So what can we do for the video? --Plaz 17:20, 9 December 2006 (EST)

I told you that I have access to the Adobe Video Bundle and can use the video programs to edit properly and create a good film for the class to see. We could also write a script and since you told me you have access to a good camera, we can use that to film us. We could represent our globalization ideas through metaphors (i.e. say we think globalization improves technology, we could have an actor be living life and then another coming and helping and showing him somthing new. Using my editing and a clever script with good acting (*cough Greg *cough), we can effectively use a video. Also, could you tell me what the names are of those guys who play the instruments and their songs. I didn't write them down that day because I wasn't sure what he was saying. Thanks a lot. P.S. You can email me at Thanks again P.P.S. Plaz, you could always do like me and get beta versions and do reports for Adobe. It's free and easy. -Groff

I understand that the debate is the type of presentation that Mr. Cobb suggested on page 65 of the notebook, but it is relatively vague and open. In my experiences with presentations, people like me and Greg tend to just offer a minimal amount and go way under time even if we practice. People like you Plaz tend to really elaborate and offer good insight but then bore the class, and people like Jeff do nothing. If at all possible, I think we should add another element to the presentation if at all possible. -Groff

Then how 'bout a 10-10 minute time split. I think we could do it. Does it have to be greater then 20 minutes or would 15-17 also work.. We can defently make this work, especailly if we fill part of the debate time with pre-preparred introductory statements and I prod people for answers. Do you have any better suggestions? --Plaz 18:27, 12 December 2006 (EST)

I don't think we could do 15-17 split because I talked to some kids from last year and they said they had 30-minute presenations! We should ask Mr. Cobb before we go any further and we should do it as a group sometime after class. Peace up, A-town. -Groff

All right. Let's do that.--Plaz 22:21, 12 December 2006 (EST)

Ok Plaz, I just posted up my information/changes on the comments u left me on my paper section yesterday. Check them on China Cons in McDonalds (Section 5). I'll see ya soon.- Greg, 7 January 2007; 11:18 AM