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World Cultures World Cultures Comparison Project Video Script

Nuvola apps important.png Only a DRAFT!

May change/be updated - still in progress - may still contain inaccuracies


First Proposal

by: Plaz 21:45, 29 December 2006 (EST)

Format: Go around person to person each saying short clips. Act out certain scenes. Kinda-infomercial style

Start with over-technical definition: Globalization is a complex series of economic, social, technological, cultural, and political changes seen as increasing interdependence, integration, and interaction in disparate locations. Record scratch sound effect. What did he say? Friendly definition: basically opening up global borders for more international trade and togetherness.

Then give basic history: Theodore Levitt invented the term in 19??, but the concept has been going around for years.

Ever since civilizations started traveling and seeing the world, trade has led a mixture of arts and culture around different civilizations.

?give romans and other ancient civilizations

?declined during Middle Ages

?Renaissance brought interest back in learning new things

Imperialism spread around the world with the British imposting their culture and values on civilizations and the British picking up certain traits.

In the last 100 years, trade increasing. ?give stat?

But paused during times at war

?talk here about peace ??McDonalds peace plan

would be painful to go to war against other industrialized nation

fighting now against small tribes which do not embrace materialism and progress --conditions are poor and they will be left behind

Brings along social customs and political ideas

?examples : expanding democracy

Plaz: Our would is opening up and we must embrace it.

Technological advances and growing productivity increases efficiency.

Which cuts the fat out of older production methods.

Which brings us lower prices.

And higher standards of living.

Chinese man: But what about my culture?

But global culture is also threatened

It this global world we have saved the best from each

Some traditions may be threatened

But this may be a good thing

If the tradition was harmful and negative

like wife-burnings and centuries old religiously motivated laws

it's a changing world

and an intagrating one

from chinese to mexican restatunts which dot our landscapes

culture is being saved

and passed around

(is this too much of the debate?)

but others are not so lucky

and it gets replaceda

-a loss for humanity


(we could have a spinner (like in a carnival) to go around the world; or this history timeline - possibly both if we do historic and modern effects

Brainstorm: 1/5/07: We could reenact the "letter to candle makers" from the econ textbook

History Skits

  • 3000 BCE - Ancient tribes started meeting one another and exchanged things and ideas

50 BCE - The Romans were the first to integrate a lot of culture by conquring much of the land they knew about

(when's the silk road - we should include that)

500 CE - The Dark Ages put a pause on globalization ans trade

1500CE - But the renaissance brought it all back

Ever heard of Marco Polo (Marco!) (Polo!)

Having traveled to China to spread ideas

As a result...

The Chinese...

The Americans...

1700 CE - The British Empire however, was the first to really explode globalization.

Rising industrialization demanded raw materials

They imperialism much of the world. They brought their culture to the natives, but also picked up some tips along the way (example)

What do you think? Add, comment--Plaz 23:13, 3 January 2007 (EST)

More Ideas

(with Jeff and Greg 1/6/07)

  • silk road
  • Modern: McDonalds
  • Introduce help/hurt???
    • Pyramid
    • Conflicts on bottom
    • trade on top
    • similar to maslow's
  • ?Introduce argument
  • diff types
  • pop culture
  • international sporting events
  • domestic job loss

Actual Outline/Script

  • Sun Plot
  • Definition
  • Inventor
  • Types
  • Through the Ages (History Skits)
    • 6 thousand years ago, globalization started
    • The domestication of the donkey as a means of transportation finally allowed trade
    • Merchants seeking to find things which would improve their lives
    • New spices, food, luxuries, construction, and military techniques spread
    • Certain items could only be found in certain places
    • So these cultures advanced and traded for thousands of years
    • Leaders like Alexander the Great actively promoted trade, knowing the importance it had on advancing civilization
    • One of the most famous traders was Marco Polo who was one of the first contemporary Europeans to travel to China
    • He spread many important technologies to China and returned with the same
    • Globalization continued slowly until the British colonized a large part of the world
    • Thus they spread their culture around the world and to a lesser degree picked up culture from societies they dominated
    • They brought their ideas and technologies to the forefront
    • Although the dominated civilizations initially faced hardships and brutal conditions, today their lives are better
    • Globalization sometimes is hard, we have come far with it
  • Examples of how are world is globalized
    • McDonalds
    • Olympics/World Cup
    • Pokemon/sudoku
    • Chinese and ethnic foods in every city
  • Introduce helped/hurt
    • Hurt
      • Domestic job loss/outsorcing
      • culture loss
      • pollution
    • Helped
      • Stats
      • US large free trade zone
      • Ending bad culture and discrimination
      • must be allowed to change (dynamic)
      • creates jobs through imports
      • most efficient and growth


that's all i got. Feed free to add/expand/comment --Plaz 21:45, 29 December 2006 (EST)

Sounds kind of boring, no offense but we need to spice it up with some kind of plot. Use the plot as an example to the boring definitions. -Groff

Then I would like to see what you came up with. I will await your specific suggestions.--Plaz 23:54, 31 December 2006 (EST)
Sounds kind of hasty, you all right Plaz?
Well yes. It was late (look at the timestamp), it was almost new years. Seriously, we need to get something before the weekend when we shoot it.--Plaz 22:46, 2 January 2007 (EST)

Stop indenting everything...Geez! Sorry, I just get lost with that a little bit sometimes. The essay will work to the information we want to present through debate and movie. The controversial aspects will obviously be presented in the debate while the informative in the movie. Once the essay is somewhere close to a final stage, we can begin sifting that. That could be our Saturday and then we come up with an outline and then a script and can even start shooting it that day, finish this weekend and complete the assignment the next week as we finalize the essay and give it to the teachers. The biggest part right now is finish each part of the essay to put it together and then move to the movie.-Groff Sidebar...Get parts of essay done by Friday

All right already. First of all, you can put a line break by hitting the "enter" key. Wiki markup is a mix between WYSIWIG editing and tag-based system like HTML. Second h tags are for headings not for emphasis. Use the em tag for that. See the handy Help:Wiki Markup Cheatsheet.

Second, I am busy on Saturday (robotics kickoff), so I can't brainstorm then. But still, we need to get ideas for the movie up to film Sunday. I added some above.--Plaz 22:10, 3 January 2007 (EST)

What time is the robotics kickoff? We could devote Saturday to writing the script and making it perfect along with the essay and Sunday to filming. Ask Greg and Jeff too. -Groff

9 AM till noon, with brainstorming sessions afterwards into the night. I may be able to get out of that, but I prefer to do it another day. Lets try to get the script done-ish before the weekend (fast approaching!). We can post ideas.--Plaz 23:13, 3 January 2007 (EST)