World Cultures Daily Questions


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World Cultures Daily Questions
Date Question
9/6 How can understanding the social sciences help us examine important cultural issues?
9/7 How does a psychologist view the healing process of the nation?
9/8 How can we find "common humanity" in our diverse world?
9/11 How can psychological needs cross cultural boundaries?

What concepts can contribute to our understanding of other cultures?

9/13 How can our understanding of material and non-material cultures help us expand our appreciation of societies?
9/14 How can the media shape our opinians about other human beiengs?

How can the interpretation of maps, charts, and graphs help us understand global concepts?

9/19 How can we make real life projections from statistical information?

How can we find "common humanity" in faceless others?

9/21 How can geographical features impact the potential for continent's success?
9/22 How do current issues reflect important cultural concepts?

What early kingdoms existed in African culture? How can we transfer into schematic ways.

9/25 What early kingdoms developed in Africa?

How did Europeans colonize Africa?

9/26 What allowed the Europeans to conquer Africa with ease?
9/27 How does the history of South Africa reflect the elements of colonialism?
9/28 How does Hollywood portray the issue of apartheid?

What human truths can we develop from watching films?

10/3 What "truths" can we derive from "Cry Freedom"?
10/4 How does a South African view American's racial policies?
10/5 Never Again: What determines a genocide? The Hutu/Tutsi massacre? "The triumph of evil" - when good men do nothing
10/9 How do the people of Rwanda deal with the "genocide" of 1994?

What conflicts exist in Nigeria?

10/10 What realities prevent African nations from political and economic development?
10/11 The truth...whole truth...and nothing but the truth?? So help us... Mr. Textbook?
10/12 What wars and conflicts continue to hinder progress in Africa?
10/16 What geographic features make life in the Middle East difficult?
10/17 How can we solve for the unknown? [((limited land + limited resources)/ethnic hatred)+religious differences)*outside intervention  ??
10/18 How does Arab cultures view traditional western ideals?
10/19 Today's question really reflects upon the penultimate answer. Confused? I hope so?
10/20 What similarities and differences exist in three major Middle East religions?
10/24 How did Fundamentalism impact life in Taliban ruled Afghanistan? "A movement marked by rigid adherence to basic principles?"
10/25 What creates bitterness in the Middle East?
10/26 What long lasting issues prevent a peaceful resolution ton the Middle East crisis?
10/31 Why do Middle East peace plans generally fail?
11/1 What does it mean to "bear witness?"
11/3 What modern issues shape Middle East politics?
11/8 How can we use concrete and abstract ideas to asses your knowledge of the Middle East?
11/13 What geographic features shape the culture of South Africa?
11/15 What invasions and empires have shaped the culture of Islam?
11/16 How does the teachings of Hindu influence the culture of India?
11/17 What role does the monsoon play in Indian society?
11/27 What truths can we discover where easter and western culture meet?
11/28 How does the true beauty of Indian culture rise above the demands of poverty?
11/30 What "truths" cab we develop from "The City of Joy"?
12/4 What characteristics define a charismatic leader?
12/5 What political changes took place in India after Nehru?
12/6 What "truths" did Buddha bring to your world?
12/7 What problems continue to impact the "development" of India?
12/8 What creates the tension between Pakistan and India in the Kashmir?
12/13 What geographical features influence life in China?
12/14 What do we know about our relationship with China?

What impact do creation theories have on social norms and behaviors?

12/19 What "relationships" exist in traditional Chinese culture?
12/20 How do the teachings of Daoism and Confucian shape Chinese society?
12/21 How did the "dynastic cycle" influence Chinese culture?
12/22 What events caused the Communist revolution in China?
1/3 How has China grown as an economic force?
1/4 The contrast of old and new - how has China changed since Mao?
1/9 How does geography influence Japanese society?

How can the Chinese creation theory explain social behavior?

1/11 What vestiges of Feudal Japan exist today?

What impact does the teaching of Shinto have on Japanese society?

1/16 How doe the Japanese adapt other culture's ideas?

Does North Korea belong in the "axis of evil?"