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I was involved with Theater primarily during middle school.


Haverford Middle School

See Haverford Middle School Theater Co.

People's Light

See People’s Light and Theater Company

Haverford High School

I did Haverford High School tech crew for half of a show in 9th Grade. I didn't fit in well with the other members. There was a big cultural difference between the Middle School and High School theater companies. Looking back, HHS certainly had more of a high school mentality that I found immature.

HHS Classes

What I learned

Although I ended up moving more in the direction of working on software, working in theater taught me a lot. I learned attention to detail; putting things together to put on a good show. It taught me to br organized and manage things well. I remember it helped me be a lot more confident public speaking. I think this has led into my comfort with leadership.


In summer 2012, I choose an internship at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online because I wanted to rekindle my creative spirit. The department I'm working at works closely with Imagineering which is like theater, but on a larger, more permanent stage.


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