Describe the World I Came From


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Describe the world you come from, for example your family, clubs, school, community, city, or town. How has that world shaped your dreams and aspirations? (500 words or less)


I come from Havertown, an upper-middle class suburb of Philadelphia. While I may not able to talk about overcoming great adversary to focus on my education, it is in this quiet town where I learned about myself, about running a business, and about how everyone uses a computer in their own way. These experiences have let me become more effective and better equipped to achieve my goals.

In 9th grade, I participated in an immersive acting study program at the People’s Light and Theater Company in Malvern, PA. Even though I liked computers more than acting, I learned how to pay attention to my body and how to wipe my emotions down to a blank state. Actors do this to then layer the thoughts and feelings of the characters on top of themselves. This discipline enabled me to see from other people’s points of view, as well as to control my emotions in tough situations. It gave me the confidence to confront conflicts I otherwise wouldn’t. I also learned more tangible, practical skills such as projecting and standing still while I talked. Although it is hard to put into words, this experience let me look inside myself and develop more of who I am.

In order to broaden my experience with how people interact with computers, I provide technical support to the community at far below-market rates. I do this on order to see how other people use their computers. Too often as computer people, we design systems for us to use. However we must consider how others will use the systems we design. For instance, I think that the “Save” command on the “File” menu is totally useless since I either hit CTRL+S or click on the floppy icon. However, there are some people that need it and would be lost without it. Everyone approaches a computer interface from a different way, and by helping people with their computer problems at a “subsidized” rate, I am able to gain an insight into the role that computers play in other people’s lives.

My experience running my own business has also shaped who I am. When you are running a business, you need to focus on the bottom line and get stuff done. You need to analyze the competition and find the best opening in the market. You then need to execute with speed and without wasted effort. You need to manage people and help them achieve to their fullest potential. This experience has helped me understand how and why a business operates as it does and how to value diversity for the breadth of opinions it brings.

These three snapshots are only some of the experiences that I have faced so far in life which have shaped who I am today.


Well off neighborhood Do tech support for free to see how normal people use tech Access to Phila -> aspire Travel to many places -> see how they live -> how tech helps Shallow: TV repair with Dad, go in rich people’s houses -> want one Theater and PLTC theater class How Tecker 911 has affected me Or do 3

  • Intro: Well off neighborhood
  • Theater affected me
  • What I learned running my own business
    • Managing finances
    • Working with people you’re paying (urgency)
    • Leading a project
  • Tech support for free
    • How people use the computer: short cut
  • Closing: Well of houses aspire for $$