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For Penn State Honors (first 2 paragraphs) and Temple College Application

Personal Statement) Some suggestions include personal experiences or circumstances that have been important to your personal or academic development; issues that you feel strongly about; personal, educational and career goals; or any other information that you would like the Admissions Committee to know as we review your application.

My name is Michael Plasmeier and I attend Haverford High School. I not only do well in school by maintaining honor roll, even while taking all honors classes, as well as 6 AP classes, but I am very involved in computers and the internet. I am not only able to code websites in PHP, HTML, CSS, and MySQL, but I have taught and managed others to do as well. I not only code websites, but I design the branding and visual identity. I not only code on my own, but with teams of my peers and I’ve even managed international consultants. I am involved in not only the technical side, but also the business side of my company. I think about technology not only at a practical level, but at a higher level. I ask the questions “how does this help us?” and “how can tech make (insert person)’s life easier?”

I own and manage a business worth thousands of dollars. I manage consultants and teams of people working on projects. I have a TV show on cable TV which tells people how technology can help them in their day to day lives. I’ve given away code and systems to make people’s live easier. I understand the new ways of the web and how it has the power to change our lives.

After I graduate college, I see myself taking a full-time job in the technology industry. I would like to continue what I am doing now, that is, managing the creation of technology products. I could work either for a big company or create my own startup company.

I hope to come out of college knowing more about the “proper” ways to structure a computer program and more about how computers operate at a lower level. I hope that along the way I have the privilege of working with other people who are just as passionate about technology as I am. Thank you.