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World Cultures Comparison (Final) Project on Globalization

David Groff, Jeff Barry, Greg Nicosia, and Michael Plasmeier had to for the World Cultures final project, compare a specific topic among different nations. As we brainstormed, it morphed into more about what globalization is all about. The project consists of a paper along with a 20 minute minimum oral presentation. We chose to show a introduction video and then debate: globalization: good or bad?. It was lots of fun and I learned a lot about globalization, a force changing our world today. So if for good or bad, globalization will change everything. Our teacher said no one has ever done globalization as a topic. That was surprising. So here are all of our brainstorming and work. Enjoy.


Points off for poor time management in debate; but movie was superb and we really knew what we were talking about. Good job group members!