South Asia Test Topics


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World Cultures South Asia Test Topics

List from Cobb

  • Geography
  • Civilizations
  • Hindu Basics
  • Kumbah Mela Festival
  • Taboos/dowry
  • Kerosene Wife Burning
  • Rickshaw/City of Joy
  • British Rule
  • Gandhi - Notes and Movie
  • Modern Rule in India
  • Kashmir Region
  • Buddhism Notes
  • Modern Problems (AIDS)

Personal Experience

  • LOTS of geography questions - STUDY the Political map
  • asks a few obscure questions from the textbook reading
  • little actual figures (##)
  • read the question to see how many answers you need
  • know the 8 fold path
  • In the end of the quarter your grade will only be 5-10 points below normal
  • Indian Music has a few questions