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I thought in April 2008 that it would be a good idea to collect all of the odd jobs that I do/did.

September 2008

  • Found and Reported Security Hole - I found and reported a security vulnerability in the school's online lunch account service. The system was allowing anyone to look at any student's record of purchase made with the system. The issue has now been resolved.
  • H-Vision - Worked with the producers of H-Vision, the morning TV show, to steer the direction of the broadcast which I have been involved in for 4 of its 5 years of existence.
  • Publications Office CTO - Maintain the computers, networks, and storage for the yearbook and newspaper, as well as advise the leader of the future of online publications. Implemented a backup strategy, updated the computers, and cleaned up the network shares.
  • Talk with teachers about tech - Almost a day does not go by where I do not help teachers fix technology in the classroom or talk about its future. During homeroom, I strike up a conversation with teachers about the future of technology in their classrooms.
  • Deal with Pub office rewiring - The district network administrators mandated that each department remove routers and switches and plug each department directly into the wall. Work as a middle man to find a solution which works for both the district IT department and the publications office. Address issues such as maintaining file and printer sharing as well as security for the new system. Work closely and along side district network administrators to transition to the new system.
  • Set up SeniorQuoter for this year - Import student list, assign quotes, print out invitations; discuss due dates and policies with publications director
  • Homeroom Photos - Take the annual photos of all of the homerooms of my class and make a music video of them. Requires a lot of planning before hand to find most efficient route and make camera cue cards
  • Radio Station Consultant - Talk with station director about the problems with the station include budget issues, regulatory compliance, and finding a new, cheaper streaming system.

April 2008

  • Prom Expo 2008 Photographer - I took 126 photos of the event at request of the event's sponsors. These photos were then made available to anyone who want to use them. [1]
  • Media Development Locks of Love 2008 I managed the exposure on H-Vision and Facebook for Locks of Love, by filming a segment and creating a Facebook page and filling it with content from prior events. I worked closely with the event sponsor and the editing team for H-Vision.
  • Broadcast Manager/Director Mr. Haverford 2008 I was responsible for a team of 4 people to film and produce the video for the live "Jumbotron" and archival broadcast. I met with the producer of the event to to work out and test camera and projector positions. I brought about half of the equipment and set it up. This took about an hour and a half, including a run to Radio Shack and a lot of troubleshooting. One the event started I ran the video mixer putting together the 4 sources. I also had to deal with a personnel problem and had to sub someone in in the middle of the event. When I cam home I was really tired. The producer was happy with the outcome.
  • Critique Krazy Kamp Every year I am invited back to the middle school to critique the Haverford Middle School Theater Company's latest show. I am the only one who consistently returns every year to join the 2 or 3 theater professionals who offer their thoughts on the show.
  • H-Vision Interviews [2]