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People’s Light and Theater Company is a theater company in Malvern, PA. I attended several educational programs while I was in middle school and I volunteered on the lighting crew in early high school. (I'm not sure if I am missing a class from this)


Youth Summerstage 2004

Summerstage 2004 (after 7th Grade) was at the Historic Yellow Springs Cultural Center. The show we produced was called We the Insects. The highlight of the summer was that we were able to perform at the National Constitution Center. We were the first (perhaps only?) outside group to perform there. I remember helping behind the scenes moving props in, meeting the actors of Freedom Rising in their green room, and seeing the server room.

flickr > theplaz > We the Insects Set

National Constitution Center

Teen Summerstage 2005

This workshop was at Delaware Valley Friends School. I remember that I did not like it was much because it was much more serious. I forget the show that we put on.

During the School Year Class

I remember going to a during-the-school year (9th Grade) class led by Artistic Director Abigale Adams. I remember doing exercises and reading Shakespeare's A Mid-Summer Night's Dream.

Volunteer Lighting Department

Around 9th Grade, I volunteered in the lighting department of PLTC. I helped hang, focus, and control lights. I also learned a lot of theater lighting terms, equipment, and methods. This was my first "real serious" job. When you are working controlling and focusing lights you have real responsibility over your own safety and the safety of others. I really enjoyed working and I would still like to do theater lighting as a hobby.