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Some of my personal thoughts and philosophies. These ideas are always changing and updating. Don't hold me to them. It's my thoughts on the page.

One Life

You have one live, make the most of it. Live life to the fullest, savor every moment. Enjoy everyday doing what you enjoy. But find something to enjoy which helps society and contributes to it.


You are your best self advocate. And at the end of the day, its up to you to get what's right for you. No one else should need to look out for you.


Democracy always balances out in the end. Each side kicks, screams, and advocates for their view. However, eventually (might take hundreds of years) everything works out. Monarchies might be good if there's a good monarch, but who chooses them? Governments should be responsible to their people. People should not need to fear their government.


You must stay with your morals and do what is right. No excuses. Keep your integrity and your pride.


Organized religion should not coerce followers or control them. It should not be a powerful force in your life. It should not be an inherent part of the political system. Separation of church and state must be maintained.


List out goals you want to achieve and then reach for them. Continue to be stimulated and intrigued by the changing world around us.


Not enough people listen to each other. A leader must listen to both sides and make the best choice for the people he is leading. He should not stick to pre-determined principles. I believe our current president has lied himself into a big mess. He does not consider both sides; he must protect his "reputation" and thus can not make the best decisions.

Global Solutions

Why look for a solution that will only work in 1 country? Look for things which are flexible to be rolled out globally at the lowest cost. (For example I recently saw a site soliciting ideas to help the American health care system. Why not ideas that would help systems around the world? [Not to say that the same system wouldn't work around the world; just don't limit your self prematurely])

Blocking Websites as Distractions is Bad

Blocking websites and content to prevent distractions is bad. For example, schools should not block Facebook. Schools want to block Facebook because they feel that students waste time on Facebook. However

  1. Facebook can be used for educational purposes. My Decades Project Group tried to use a Facebook group to communicate. Plus Facebook messaging is useful when I don't have people's email addresses because I can just type in their name. One of my friends said that people check Facebook more often than email.
  2. Students need to learn how to be self-disciplined. When I first had a computer in class, I checked Facebook a lot. However, I learned that it would hurt how well I learned the material, which would hurt my test scores, which would hurt my grade. Over time (and it took a few months) I learned how to discipline myself not to use Facebook in class. Now I am stronger as a result. Students need self-discipline as a life skill
    1. If students don't want to pay attention, you have larger problems on your hand. Students will always find a way not to pay attention.

No Hazing

For English 9, I wrote about the dangers of Hazing.

The Essential Separation Between Church and State

For English 10, I wrote about The Essential Separation Between Church and State.

English: The Primary Language

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Privacy is Dead

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Change and Risk

Office politics. Don't forget to consider them! See Change and Risk

Why Wikis Rock

Easy to edit and add info whenever. See Why Wikis Rock

Why I do this website

See my Site Mission Statement.