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W3life Internet Media was a podcast and formally a blog network founded by Michael Gdovin that focused on technology.



1.0: Blog Network

W3life Internet Media was founded November 1st, 2006 by Mike Gdovin originally as a blog network meant to teach people how to use technology and get the most out of it. He recruited friends like: Ed Rochon, Steven Stinson, Eassa Ayoub, and Richard Campbell who wrote the blogs as did Mike.

2.0: Audio Podcasts

But the site was quickly switched over to podcasts in early 2007. Mike set up shows Leetspeek, Real Deals (So You Want to Buy A Computer), and The Freeware Show. Some shows like Leetspeek released a handful of episodes, while other shows released one or no episoeds. However the audio quality was not very good.

3.0: Video Podcasts

Mike found talented people that he knew to help him run W3life and make the decision as of November 1st, 2007 and switched W3life to an internet television company. W3life shows covered computers, the internet, and computer help. W3life's goal was not only to have experienced computer users watch our shows but we would like people who can barley use the internet watch our shows and enrich their experience and get the most out of their computers. Shows during this time period included Modlife, Computing to the Max, Freeality (Formerly The Freeware Show) and Let's Play. W3life recruited more employees to host shows like Reed who hosts Freeality, Stefano who is Mike's neighbor and hosts Let's Play, Matt Mcmullan who hosts Computing to the Max and Jordan Berman who hosts Modlife and serves and the vice President. Ed Rochon resigned from W3life in January of 2008 along with resigning from Tecker to pursue a career in Spanish. During this phase W3life only put out a few episoes. They put out one episode in March 2008 and then took a long break before filming some in summer 2008 in HD and never really releasing them


On October 23 2008, Mike Gdovin decided to shut down w3life since it was not putting out shows and was cuasing him fustration. Instead he took up writing on his blog, Gdovin.net and he started hosting The Weekly Spin, an independent podcast covering current news stories

Logo History

Write sometime.... --ThePlaz 22:43, 1 September 2009 (EDT)


From the w3life website

W3life Internet Media is an internet media producer that strives to educate and entertain people with Technology-based shows. In this modern age media should not only be distributed over the cable it should be available on as many devices as possible such as: cell phones, PDAs, portable media players, etc. Our goal is to provide great content that can be viewed on demand on a wide variety of devices. Typical media can only be seen when the networks schedule them although some networks have caught on to the new internet trends put their shows on the internet. However, the only way you can see those devices is on your television our shows can be seen on any device and taken everywhere! This means you don’t need to be tied to your television you can watch content anywhere and without paying a cable bill.

Mission Statement

W3life Internet Media strives to provide informative and entertaining television shows that will help and educate people about technology. We strive to conduct ourselves in a professional manner on all shows and to provide as much information as possible but keep the shows entertaining. We aim to be the largest internet technology-based television station and to spread the love of Technology to everyone. Our Company Values

  1. High Quality content
  2. Accurate Information
  3. Punctual release
  4. Education
  5. Entertainment
  6. Viewer Satisfaction

Old Blogs

  • Freeware
  • Best of YouTube
  • Custom PCs by Ed Rochon
  • Firefox add-ons
  • Website ratings

Shows - All Cancled - Not all put out an episode


  • Leetspeek- tech news discussion show
  • Real Deals (So You Want to Buy a Computer)- Discussed weekly tech deals and bargin hunting skills


  • Modlife- Teaches the average computer users how to modify and construct technology.
  • Computing to the Max- NOT FOR THE AVERAGE NOOB show that teaches people how to get the most out of their technology.
  • Freeality- Explores the world of free (not as in food) software and educates people of free software ideals.
  • Let's Play- Talks all about video gaming both on consoles and PCs