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Dynamic Website Building Instruction and Practical Experience Group Study Log for 1/15/2007

Fixed a lot of bugs!


  • Add link to View Students in add_student.php
  • Change id to class for buttons in admin/admin_users.php
  • Fix spell check in config.php
  • Attempt button css in admin.css
  • Make register.php print success message in green
  • setup.php: Use new refresh code that works; Print out headers eariler, print out actual errors when checking config, put fresh links in saving config, and continue if it is there, fix printing of googiespell settings
  • Plaz added security features to invitations.php to require log in quote.php and quotes.php
  • output quote in "pre" tags to preserve formatting in quote.php and quotes.php
  • Fixed students.php link in delete_student.php
  • Fixed disable quotes for index.php No more ugly errors when $collect == FALSE!
  • Tested upload_pictures.php
  • Fixed colors.php to work much better
  • changed edit_quote.php and index.php so approval is NULL after edited
  • fixed edit_student.php so you can have any type of character in the homeroom field.


(bold == higher priority)

  • install basically done
  • Need to add links
  • Test: Generate code
  • Need to test importing and exporting
  • needs test colors more robustly
  • Need to fix Cookie security problem
  • Homepage
  • Icons
  • Make links
  • Bugs
  • Icons
  • ??release alpha 2 tonight (and upload it to them!)
  • Multi query setup

Lower priority

  • Generate password JS
  • Style approval comments box
  • Style PDF invitations a bit more
  • Batch approval
  • Send invitations via email
  • Annoying reminder emails