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Dynamic Website Building Instruction and Practical Experience Group Study Log for 1/17/2007

Fixed some bugs (including 2 important ones)!


  • Import and Export Somewhat
  • Colors tested completly


  • Fix up colors.php a lot and fix it not being able to change the bg color
  • Fixed quotes.php and csvexport.php to only get the latest quote!!! (45 min)
  • Fix change_password.php to change the password of the given id, not the logged in user
  • Fix Bug 45: cross installs cookies - by setting cookie path in login.php
  • Say why remove setup.php in header.inc.php
  • Bug 90: Colors is blanked if gets it gets messed up
  • Make Homeroom, Code, Email, and Year optional in add_student.php
  • Make Add student auto genorating a code if none (no JS needed)
  • Delete assign_codes.php since codes will be assigned when user is added
  • Worked with importing to escape and validate (and auto add codes better)
  • Found importing bug (95) where 1st row ignored


(bold == higher priority)

  • Need to test importing more
  • Make importing sample and template (Gdovin)
  • Homepage
  • Bugs
  • Multi query setup
  • Tabs
  • Debugging interface
  • Make sure stats color fixed
  • Character encoding


  • Style PDF invitations a bit more
  • Batch approval
  • Send invitations via email
  • Annoying reminder emails
  • Pre-set color schemes