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Dynamic Website Building Instruction and Practical Experience Group Study Log for 1/8/2007


  • Ard
    • Made assign codes page to assign codes for students without them
      • Needs to check if code taken and make a new one (function)
  • Maguire
    • Wrote import students
      • Works but needs to check if code taken and make a new one (function)
  • Gary
    • Made exporting to CSV
      • Prints out to text, not downloadable
  • Gdovin
    • Continue install script
      • With Config values
      • DB Needs to insert schemas
    • Needs to write out config
    • Needs TOC
    • Needs testing


  • Ard
    • Documentation
  • Maguire
    • Printing invitations
  • Hunt
    • Exporting to file
    • PDF print view
  • Gdovin
    • Continue Install:
      • Create Schema
      • Config
      • ToC set
    • Config page needs to be able to disable quote submission
  • Plaz (bold == higher priority)
    • Fix Gdovin's slash problem
    • Refine optional and where null on Config page
    • Finish up config page and make changes on install
    • Finish out printing out CSV and linking to it
    • Test install script
    • Generate password JS
    • Upload background
    • Style approval comments box
    • Make links
    • ??Batch approval
    • Bugs
    • Icons