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Dynamic Website Building Instruction and Practical Experience Group Study Log for 1/16/2007

Fixed a lot of bugs!


  • Make colors.php print out container color (why was this not done before)
  • Tell users to start websites with http:// in setup.php and config.php
  • Make header.inc.php require that setup.php be deleted (for security)
  • Remove <pre> from quote.php and quotes.php
  • Move print invitations link from quotes.php to students.php
  • Remove var_dump from upload_picture.php
  • Clear out unt's info from mysql_connect.php
  • Try to get setup.php to recognize DB info is there


(bold == higher priority)

  • Test: Generate code
  • Need to test importing and exporting
  • needs test colors more robustly
  • Need to fix Cookie security problem
  • Homepage
  • Bugs
  • Multi query setup


  • Generate password JS
  • Style approval comments box
  • Style PDF invitations a bit more
  • Batch approval
  • Send invitations via email
  • Annoying reminder emails
  • Pre-set color schemes