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Dynamic Website Building Instruction and Practical Experience Group Study Log for 1/18/2007

Fixed some bugs (including 2 important ones)!


  • Tested Import a lot (Gdovin)
  • Tested submitting quote
  • Colors some more


  • Fixed remaining counter color in colors.php
  • Set default colors in colors.php to be 6 digits
  • Worked on testing import - fixed a few things including first name and last name order and finding the reason for bug 95.
  • Made student id optional again (and in database this time)
  • Printed out code for each student after import
  • Fixed bug where it would throw an error if quote was exactly length limit!
  • Tested Color Picker in IE7 and resolved bug 70
  • Make sure code is numeric in quote submission index.php
  • Make tabs work (lighter for selected item)
    • Written in header.inc.php $menu tells it which
  • Triaged bug list (marked bugs as fixed when they had actually been fixed for a few days)
    • 16 bugs fixed in last 2 days!
  • Make delete_student.php delete any quotes associated with that student bug 99
  • Don't let users "forget their passwords" if they are disabled. bug 42
  • Link Favicon to each page bug 41
  • Stopped Admin User's Date Registered from being changed on every update bug 46
  • Enable image caching bug 100
  • File bugs for the stuff that still needs to be done.
  • Validate all pages clean up small bugs to make it Valid XHTML
    • Make lots of small fixes
  • Remove "Assign Codes" button from Quotes.php since that page was deleted
  • Make link after install is complete bigger


(bold == higher priority)

  • Need to test importing more
  • Make importing sample and template (Gdovin)
  • Homepage
  • Bugs
  • Multi query setup
  • Debugging interface
  • Character encoding
  • Test setting codes to letters in add student and import


  • Style PDF invitations a bit more
  • Batch approval
  • Send invitations via email
  • Annoying reminder emails
  • Pre-set color schemes
  • Remember me for log in
  • Test if disabled page (part of login)