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Winter Break


  • Plaz
    • Color Wheel (12/27)
    • Parsing CSS files and sticky colors page (12/27)
    • Fixed error suppression (evening 12/27)
    • Wrote help page on file permissions (1.5 hrs) (evening 12/27)
    • Finished up saving colors (evening 12/27)
    • Started going through gdovin's config code (evening 12/27)


  • Ard
    • Finish credits
    • ??Start students
  • Maguire
    • Students page
  • Hunt
    • Approval php
  • Gdovin
    • Show current if not sticky
    • Some optional
  • Plaz
      • or drupal install sets the permissions for you
    • (disabled - make them greyed?? - or special page (easier))
    • + that sheet
    • Fix bugs

Importing and Exporting

  • Excel files are a pain in the butt
    • Possibly the The Chicago Project [1]. It seems incomplete and is written in C.
    • XLHTML seems like a converter
    • Also is it worth supporting now that it's obsolete (people still use it)??
  • But CSV seems a lot nicer
    • fgetcsv is a built in PHP function to turn it into an array which we can process
  • Excel 2007 files are XML-based so we can support that along with XML
    • It's the wave of the future!